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popo & momo

Po is human • Mo&No are exotic shorthair

No is kind to Mo ~ mo:😴 no: Instagram @pomooooo 183

Good night ~ mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 397

Mo had nothing to eat,so he cried. mo: Instagram @pomooooo 237

No is watching the fish in the fishbowl. no: Instagram @pomooooo 172

fish tank is a present for their birthday. but No doesn't like ~ mo: Instagram @pomooooo 80

Happy birthday to Mo&No~ mo&no:😯 Instagram @pomooooo 368

wanted to go into the kitchen~ mo:😯(好蠢的樣子) no: Instagram @pomooooo 344

tilted their head~ mo&no:😯 Instagram @pomooooo 203

Give us some food!!!! mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 292

They are fighting mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 502

Mo didn't want to take pictures mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 237

He hates himself ~ mo: Instagram @pomooooo 440

so seriously!!! mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 325

All look at the camera. mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 146

hug mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 194

:“We are so sorry about that we steal snack to eat!!! Please forgive our mistakes” mo&no:😟 Instagram @pomooooo 577

Have a sweet dream~ mo:😴 no: Instagram @pomooooo 505

lovely No is behind Mo~ mo:😛 no: Instagram @pomooooo 144

takes a nap~ no: Instagram @pomooooo 103

I think they've had a row . mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 9

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