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popo & momo

Po is human • Mo&No are exotic shorthair

They want to go out for fun ~ mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 379

mo:😯 Instagram @pomooooo 69

no:🙄 Instagram @pomooooo 60

No:"can you smell my hand?" Mo:"get your hand off!" no: mo: Instagram @pomooooo 221

mo:"What is that in your hand?" no:"Can you get us something to eat?" mo:😛 no:😟 Instagram @pomooooo 1,275

in the box mo:😛 no:😯 Instagram @pomooooo 26

Don't touch me!! mo: Instagram @pomooooo 339

cold mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 437

something like that mo&no: boy&girl:😴 Instagram @pomooooo 822

"Buy us?" With a hopeful look in their eyes. mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 77

Time for dinner ~ mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 461

Thank U Instagram @pomooooo 395

Get out of my bed !!! mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 372

What?! mo: no:🙄 Instagram @pomooooo 239

We are superman! mo: no:😕 Instagram @pomooooo 420

-------------------------- mo:😴 no: Instagram @pomooooo 252

Take my hand!!!! mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 143

Take a photo? mo:🙂 no: Instagram @pomooooo 266

Would you take a picture for us? mo: no:😕 Instagram @pomooooo 421

Go for party mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 61

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