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Maccha Cat

Short tail, don't care! I'm a lady cat that sits like a boss. Snapchat macchaface

Mama needs a cocktail. Right meow. Instagram @macchacat 1,887

Crouching tiger, hidden Maccha vol 5. This never gets old. Instagram @macchacat 1,806

Everyone should have a friend that they can always count on. #Scratcher Instagram @macchacat 2,772

Read me my bedtime stories Instagram @macchacat 2,542

If Ryan Gosling hit me up. Deer in headlights trying to still be cute. Instagram @macchacat 1,999

When your roommate eats all your food. Time to change the settings on my @petnetio #smartfeeder that I got from Amazon. Instagram @macchacat 2,047

I look like an old Asian man when I sleep. Instagram @macchacat 124

Whatttt?! Can't you see I'm busy? Instagram @macchacat 1,715

It's been a while since I threw it back, so you're welcome. #tbt Instagram @macchacat 2,117

Sniff test. Maccha approved. @beyondpetfood #beyondpartner #spon Instagram @macchacat 1,583

Watching people drive in LA when it's raining... #elnino #braceyourselves #stayinside Instagram @macchacat 1,531

Patiently waiting to be picked up and reunited with my Pap. Instagram @macchacat 1,448

Just sitting facing the pillow in protest because I can Instagram @macchacat 2,473

Room service all day. @beyondpetfood #beyondpartner #spon Instagram @macchacat 1,385

Does this look like a body that needs a New Years resolution? #nah #feelingmyself Instagram @macchacat 2,367

Me on New Year's Eve : @thegracechon Instagram @macchacat 3,290

My humble attempt at a Thai bow 🏼 to @yodaandpadme for meeting my parents and showing them a great time Instagram @macchacat 1,511

In cased you missed it! Here's a holiday home video of me and @superhirocat at gramdma's house! RG @jlurves @thisistempleton Instagram @macchacat 2,653

Didn't get a present? Here I am! Instagram @macchacat 2,595

When you nail your driver's license photo. 🤗 Instagram @macchacat 1,180

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