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Maccha Cat

Short tail, don't care! I'm a lady cat that sits like a boss. Snapchat macchaface

Don't even think about it...I'm halfway through House of Cards Instagram @macchacat 2,731

Thinking about Monday got me like... Instagram @macchacat 1,259

Kitty PSA: Be sure to #VaxYourCat this year. Learn more about rabies prevention while playing the “Feline Defense” game! Link to game in bio. #spon Instagram @macchacat 2,259

Can you come back? I'm busy. #sunbathing Instagram @macchacat 1,054

This is my 'lil mama' pose:@iamthegreatwent Instagram @macchacat 1,113

How you doing Biggie Smalls? Instagram @macchacat 1,921

Casual hang Instagram @macchacat 2,733

Today was a good day. Twinning with my girl @millathecat Instagram @macchacat 1,004

Is it happy hour yet? 🌮#tongueouttuesday Instagram @macchacat 2,248

Keep your eyes peeled for a new video I'll be guest staring in with my talented friends @n2catcrew for @pawproject! Instagram @macchacat 132

Halfway between meh and judging. You pick. Instagram @macchacat 2,517

If it's not too much trouble, I'd very much enjoy another treat, madam. #tbt Instagram @macchacat 2,663

Hi friends! Today feels like a good day as any day for a PSA Be sure to #VaxYourCat this year! Visit the PUREVAX Pure Protection website and play the “Feline Defense” game for a chance to receive a special edition celebricat calendar featuring yours truly! Link to game in bio. #spon Instagram @macchacat 1,069

Easily entertaining humans by standing like them. Ouuu ahhh Instagram @macchacat 1,836

Your friend that's on social media that doesn't post but always lurks. Tag 'em! Instagram @macchacat 604

What do you mean, date night isn't at Red Lobster? Instagram @macchacat 3,012

Bring that tuna...just...a...little...bit...closer Instagram @macchacat 635

Nope, not impressed. Instagram @macchacat 1,207

@superhirocat was not amused when I told him to pull my finger...err tail. Instagram @macchacat 1,598

What if I ask really nicely? Instagram @macchacat 2,234

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