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Maccha Cat

Short tail, don't care! I'm a lady cat that sits like a boss. Snapchat macchaface

MOOD. Ya feel me? #caturday #throwback Instagram @macchacat 1,653

When you sit down to enjoy a meal, but have to share. @beyondpetfood #beyondpartner #spon Instagram @macchacat 1,326

Curling ritual. Instagram @macchacat 1,223

Get my good side. #threeyearsofmaccha #gotchaday Instagram @macchacat 2,102

I can haz prom date? Three years ago I came home with more cute and sass than my parents could ever ask for. #favoritechild Instagram @macchacat 2,542

Hello. It's me. Instagram @macchacat 1,924

Being domestic for a domestic cat. 🤔Dinner's ready! @beyondpetfood #beyondpartner #spon Instagram @macchacat 2,225

It's my paw-ty, I can sleep if I want to. #caturday Instagram @macchacat 448

Next to me is a scale. See how I'm using it ladies? Don't care 🏻 Instagram @macchacat 2,549

Errr, I already have a stache but for #movember I'll sport another. Go balls. Instagram @macchacat 2,624

Hiro and I sat on a bench, so clearly I told him - Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates...but it was lost on him. Youth these days. #forrestgump Thanks @wayfair! #WayfairPetSquad Instagram @macchacat 2,202

Worked hard today. #sleepisthebestjob Instagram @macchacat 2,323

Hand over the remote or the kitten goes. Time for my stories. Instagram @macchacat 2,281

Cat nugget. Happy Caturday! Instagram @macchacat 3,239

Embracing my inner bunny today. #realtrixrabbit Instagram @macchacat 1,919

Full body melt...because hump daze Instagram @macchacat 925

Saying neener neener neener to my own shadow. #shhh Instagram @macchacat 2,018

Coach Maccha says it's time to take some names. Crush your Monday, friends. 🏼 Instagram @macchacat 2,160

Much needed nutrition after last night. @beyondpetfood #beyondpartner #spon Instagram @macchacat 1,537

When there's no one to hug, just hug thy self. Instagram @macchacat 1,081

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