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Lil Bub

A lady, and a magical, one of a kind space cat. LIL BUB Live:

BUB ain't got time for selfies. Only time for FOOD #lilbub #bilbobubbins Instagram @iamlilbub 8,868

Give the Gift of BUB - any order in the BUB STORE at the link in BUB's bio ( placed this weekend comes with a free download of her mind-blowing new album and ships with a free 3" BUB Magnet. Get another 10% off with code GIFTOFBUB, orders over $60 get free shipping. #thegiftofbub #goodjobbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 11,918

BUB’s 2016 Calendar and her new book AND coloring book with Norbert are on sale through tomorrow morning at or at the link in BUB's bio #goodjobbub #goodjobnorbert #thegiftofbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 3,242

It's the annual BUBlack Friday sale in the BUB STORE at or the link in BUB's bio. -FREE 3" HoliBUB Magnet with this photo with every order -10% off any order with code GIFTOFBUB -15% and free shipping on orders over $60 with code DUDENICE -2016 Calendars, Books and Holiday Cards are another 15% off The Gift of BUB is more than a gift to you or your loved ones. It supports talented artists, small business, and animals in need through Lil BUB's Big FUND for special needs pets. #goodjobbub #lilbub #thegiftofbub Instagram @iamlilbub 2,306

The BUBLACK Friday sale has been engaged at the link in BUB's bio, or at #bublackfriday #thegiftofbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 2,390

BUB is thankful for YOU #lilbub #goodjobeverybody #historicallythanksgivingisaprettymessedupholiday Instagram @iamlilbub 14,122

BUB, you are a true champion! #goodjobbub #lilbub #bilbobubbins Instagram @iamlilbub 8,516

Meet BUB at her own favorite local record shop this Sunday, or at a record shop near you next week. More info at or the link in her bio @landlockedmusic #lilbub #scienceandmagic #goodjobbub Instagram @iamlilbub 6,773

BEHOLD the power of BUB. #powerofbub #lilbub #scienceandmagic Instagram @iamlilbub 13,229

BUB’s working on tomorrow’s Holiday Sale Newsletter. Sign up at the link in BUB's bio or at, it'll be worth it #goodjobbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 2,455

Yesterday BUB’s lil dude (my son) saw snow for the first time, and it reminded me of this video of BABY BUB seeing snow for the first time... #babybub #lillilbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 13,843

One of your last chances ever to meet is BUB during next week's Science & Magic record-signing tour to support local record shops and local animals. We’re likely coming somewhere near you. More info and tickets at the link in BUB's bio or at #lilbub #scienceandmagic Instagram @iamlilbub 4,827

BUB's standing proud with her cool new post-op hairdo. #bubdo #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 11,307

I’ve always been very transparent and forthcoming about BUB’s health and well-being. That’s really what this is all about: sharing her life and giving people a glimpse of the joys and the challenges of caring for a special needs pet as special as BUB. Last week BUB had an accident at home. She underwent a successful surgery, and I am thrilled to report that she is doing great, is as spry as ever, has the appetite of a lion, and seems to have no idea that anything even happened. She is the definition of strength and determination, and continues to amaze us with her fearlessness and positivity. To read the full story, please visit or the link in BUB's bio. #GOODJOBBUB Instagram @iamlilbub 7,256

BUB PILLOWS! They're at or at the link in BUB's bio. #lilbub #goodjobbub #bubstuff #lilbubsbigfund Instagram @iamlilbub 1,686

BUB’s fierce determination and unwavering spirit are a constant source of inspiration. Love ya BUB. #goodjobbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 8,150

To start your week right, BUB is sending positive magical energy from her eyes, through your screen, straight into your heart. #lilbub #scienceandmagic #goodjobbub Instagram @iamlilbub 5,905

Sundayz r 4 hangin w/BUB #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 9,458

Let's look back on the time that BUB scared this poor tiger. #lilbub #bighiss #nofear #exoticfelinerescuecenter #daughterofdragons Instagram @iamlilbub 2,512

Thanks to this photo, I'll always remember the very first time I held BABY BUB. #babybub #lillilbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 12,864

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