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Lil Bub

A lady, and a magical, one of a kind space cat. LIL BUB Live:

Presenting: Lil BUB's MOST Magical Yule Log Video, just in time for the holiday. Watch the full 1 hour long video at the link in BUB's bio, or at #goodjobbub #goodlogbub #yulelog #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 5,511

BUB's got her mind set on you. #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 10,235

There's still time to give the Gift of BUB in time for Christmas at the link in BUB's bio or at USA Orders placed this week should still arrive in time for the holiday. Every purchase benefits Lil BUB’s Big FUND for special needs pets, which has awarded over $200,000 to animal shelters to date. Instagram @iamlilbub 816

BUB’s making history again. Today her album “Science & Magic” debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top New Alternative Artists Chart, #2 on the Top New Artist and Electronic Music Charts, and at #121 on the main Top 200 Albums Chart. GOOD JOB BUB. Stream it for free at the link in BUB's bio. #goodjobbub #lilbub #scienceandmagic Instagram @iamlilbub 12,310

BUB’s BONES, before and after surgery. A big thanks to the amazing docs at Purdue! #bubsbones #lilbub #lilbones Instagram @iamlilbub 9,688

4 weeks post-surgery, and BUB’s doing great. I LOVE THIS CAT. Read about her recovery at #goodjobbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 11,358

Here's something that we could all probably use right about now: BABY BUB. #lillilbub #babybub #lilbub #goodjobbub Instagram @iamlilbub 11,723

The new Glow & Purr BUB is so real... it poops?! Shipping now in time for Xmas from or the link in BUB's profile. #goodjobbub #lilbub #thegiftofbub Instagram @iamlilbub 8,554

HEY YOU GUYS! #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 5,742

Looking as good as ever, BUB. #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 8,734

GOOD YAWN BUB #lilbub #bilbobubbins Instagram @iamlilbub 14,466

GOOD LOOK BUB! #goodjobbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 13,034

Magic & Magic with @marniethedog Instagram @iamlilbub 13,049

A clip from BUB's new music video for her first single NEW GRAVITY. Check the whole thing out at the link in BUB's bio or at #goodjobbub #scienceandmagic #newgravity #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 2,663

BUBurrito. #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 9,657

Due to some difficulties last night, BUB’s Cyber Monday sale has been extended through today at the link in BUB's bio: #goodjobbub #thegiftofbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 8,839

What do YOU want from Santa? BUB’s big Holiday Sale ends in less than 18 hours at link in BUB's bio or #thegiftofbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 9,621

It's CyberBUB Monday, the grand finale of BUB's Holiday Sale. Free gifts, free shipping, and big discounts. Treat yourself and animals in need at the same time. More info at the link in BUB's bio or at #thegiftofbub #goodjobbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 2,364

a perfect bundle of BUB #lilbub #thereisonlyonebub Instagram @iamlilbub 1,287

Now’s the time to give the GIFT OF BUB at or the link in BUB's bio. Get a FREE BUB Magnet, FREE digital download of her new record, 10% off with code GIFTOFBUB, and FREE shipping on orders over $60. #thegiftofbub #goodjobbub #lilbub Instagram @iamlilbub 1,985

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