@iamlilbub : I’ve always been very transparent and forthcoming about BUB’s health and well-being. That’s really what this is all about: sharing her life and giving people a glimpse of the joys and the challenges of caring for a special needs pet as special as BUB. Last week BUB had an accident at home. She underwent a successful surgery, and I am thrilled to report that she is doing great, is as spry as ever, has the appetite of a lion, and seems to have no idea that anything even happened. She is the definition of strength and determination, and continues to amaze us with her fearlessness and positivity. To read the full story, please visit www.lilbub.com/news or the link in BUB's bio. #GOODJOBBUB
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Lil Bub
A lady, and a magical, one of a kind space cat. LIL BUB Live:

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