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Blessa Kitty

You've never seen a maine coon that fluffs like me ;)

Welcome to my office what can I help you with today friend? Instagram @blessakitty 567

It's the circle of pooooof! Instagram @blessakitty 397

So give me one more chance, save me from this road I'm on... Blessa take the wheel ;) Instagram @blessakitty 447

Travel like royalty. Instagram @blessakitty 1,378

A double dose of Blessa today for being away. The fluff is back! Instagram @blessakitty 1,473

Let me sleeeeep!! Instagram @blessakitty 1,333

Mmmmm goodnight! Instagram @blessakitty 1,694

Have a good Sunday! Instagram @blessakitty 2,126

It's raining outside, so I'm snuggling inside. Instagram @blessakitty 1,067

Zzzzzzzz...... Instagram @blessakitty 2,001

Sleeping or dancing? Instagram @blessakitty 1,721

It's nice outside, but maybe we should just snuggle all day. Instagram @blessakitty 2,120

Oh was I supposed to help make the bed? I thought we were just attacking the sheets. Instagram @blessakitty 1,744

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