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Blessa Kitty

You've never seen a maine coon that fluffs like me ;)

Instagram @blessakitty 123

OH, HI! You startled me. I'm just hangin' with my worm. Instagram @blessakitty 280

Yummy. Instagram @blessakitty 51

I forgot which arm is which... Instagram @blessakitty 333

Don't try this at home... Leave extreme sleeping to the pros! Instagram @blessakitty 338

Hey. Instagram @blessakitty 143

Stealing a quick nap Instagram @blessakitty 288

I am in a bag, yes. Instagram @blessakitty 388

It's Friday night, right? Instagram @blessakitty 205

I apologize for my absence, you see, I had many luxurious naps requiring my full attention. Instagram @blessakitty 214

I'm a weirdo tho. Instagram @blessakitty 182

Ready to go! Instagram @blessakitty 55

Nap game strong. Instagram @blessakitty 242

Sleepy noodle Instagram @blessakitty 247

Sleepy noodle Instagram @blessakitty 247

Snugz? Instagram @blessakitty 380

The first and last time I will ever use my basket. Instagram @blessakitty 177

You wouldn't know it by the way I play with my water, but I don't like baths! . However enjoying the sunshine never hurt a kitty, did it? Instagram @blessakitty 647

What? Food? Instagram @blessakitty 237

Snuggle like crazy! Instagram @blessakitty 144

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