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Blessa Kitty

You've never seen a maine coon that fluffs like me ;)

Enjoying the Colorado sunshine. Instagram @blessakitty 141

This is NOT the time to play! I'm trying to enjoy my new tree from Vesper, Cleo! Instagram @blessakitty 35

Happy meow year. I'm enjoying mine on a fur blanket with my fox sweater on. Instagram @blessakitty 78

Best friends fur life. Instagram @blessakitty 174

It's a rainy day here in California, but I still want to be outside! Instagram @blessakitty 81

Sometimes you gotta just poof all over the place just to do it Instagram @blessakitty 68

LaaaaalaaLAAAAA!!!!' Instagram @blessakitty 107

Oh hi :) Instagram @blessakitty 168

Meet my new best friend @miniaussieindy our favorite thing to do is chase each other around the house and play hide and seek! Instagram @blessakitty 138

Happy Friday! I just had a bath and I'm enjoying the sunshine now Instagram @blessakitty 78

No flex zone. Instagram @blessakitty 198

Perfect fit! Instagram @blessakitty 272

Did you have fun last night? I sure did.... Happy New Year Instagram @blessakitty 318

You caught me! Instagram @blessakitty 98

Merry Catmas to you, ️Blessakitty. Instagram @blessakitty 102

I'mmmmmmm gunna get you! Instagram @blessakitty 184

Play play play play play..... Wait whhhaaaaaa?!? Instagram @blessakitty 88

I've got my eye on you Instagram @blessakitty 89

Look what I can do! Instagram @blessakitty 116

Don't look at me. Instagram @blessakitty 12

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