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우리 리지는 쉬운 여자 않이에요! 많이 사랑해주세요. 사랑한다 마이 Lizzy izzy~~화이팅 always. Support my love Lizzy and let's show her A LOT OF LOVE! #리지 #쉬운여자않이에요 #저두않이에요 Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,515

ㅇㅇ 오늘~ Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,160

이리러와 yo~~ #LOVEconquersALL Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,253

Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,627

only me & You Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,227

Just cause you said you missed me and also because honestly, I missed you too. #Longtime #missedu #Deserve #TeairraMarie #eyebrowisolation Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,810

"Love & Some of it's Expressions" by: superBek Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,599

You never fail to surprise me... Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,804

I trust in You and You alone God. There were times I may have felt like I failed You, yet You always embraced me first. Only correcting me like the Loving Father You are. You never rubbed it in my face. You always encouraged me. Your reasons were and are ALWAYS out of LOVE. Never guilt. People left me but You stayed closer to me more than ever. Because I finally let You in. You are my Rock. I am not ashamed of You anymore. You are my First Love and I cannot be quiet any longer. #Youarethe #AlphaandtheOmega #Yousavedmylife #honest #rpthepic Instagram ดารา @superbek 498

when I say I love you, I know only You can love me more Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,330

it's been years... so good to finally see you here..ㅜ.ㅠ Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,427

HEY YOU! Yea ... YOU!!! Did you have a good New Years? Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,606

A Toast To The New Year & 새해 복 많이 받으세요! May it be a blessed one <3 Be Brave! #2015 #Believers & #SuperstarS Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,275

You make me brave to go to places where I could have never imagined, Only You know. Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,056

You got my heart in so deep, like the water blue... Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,343

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love to you and your loved ones... #Christisborn! Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,102

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAHI! You're my friend & my unnie. I am thankful to God for putting you in my life and we'll be sistahs till the end. Can't wait to see where He leads us whatever it may be..Let's trust Him! love, 베카 #HAPPYBIRTHDAY #KAHI #AH #DOYOUREMEMBER? Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,016

with lil sis @yiyoung_noh 고마워 이영아 포샵해줘서... 흐흐흐 #missyou #faith #sistahs Instagram ดารา @superbek 3

i want to know You more Instagram ดารา @superbek 104

•Crisco •Sprinkles• Candles I made.• "Be the Light in the darkness...Light doesn't have to force itself to just does." <3 #Believers #SuperstarS #BASSARMY Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,401

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