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언니 너무 축하해!!! 항상 응원 해언니. I love you and an ALWAYS rooting for you!! ~ check it out ladies and also for the gentlemen who want to find something pretty pretty for a special lady lady~<3 @jjungajjunga Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,586

You take me low, You take me high. You truly have all things in Your hands but wherever I go or may be You are the same. Faithful and Beautiful. Strong and Mighty whom then shall I fear? You make me brave. Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,284

You're my lifeline Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,494

안녕 ~~ 오랜만이야~~ Instagram ดารา @superbek 688

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°•You're more real than the wind in my lungs•° photo:bek Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,279

♡♡♡ Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,192

Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,060

I would cross the ocean for You •photobek• #photobek Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,390

Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,282

Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,282

"Many lines or many rows of square boxes?" •photobek• #photobek #bnw Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,001

😀: In The Army of Love Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,452

Right here waiting for You. Instagram ดารา @superbek 981

NEPAL #PrayforNepal #UniteInLove #LOVEconquersALL Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,172

NEPAL #PrayforNepal #UniteInLove #LOVEconquersALL Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,172

Shopping for fruits & veggie, yummy in my tummy🍐 #healthychoices #healthyways #fruitfullife #loveyourbody Instagram ดารา @superbek 2,132

You can only make me like this Instagram ดารา @superbek 461

My friend from highschool and who is also the owner of Mr. Tea is taking action for Nepal like many others. If you could please support through Mr. Tea or through any other organizations/charities that'd be AMAZING! From Mr. Tea... "Mr. Tea team would like to ask everyone to join us during the month of May to help the victims of the tragic Nepal earthquake. During the month of May we will be donating 10% of one of our most popular drinks, jasmine milk tea and jasmine ice tea sales to the Nepal earthquake victims. If you ever needed a better reason to stop by for some boba, you are hard pressed to find another. We will be making weekly donations to insure the money can get to where it's needed to most asap. Please tag a friend or repost to help spread the word. For more info about this tragedy please click the following link:" @mrteacafe #LOVEconquersALL #LoveforNepal #PrayforNepal Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,722

Finally got to see Made In Hope! Purchased a beautiful bracelet today:). ALL THE PROFITS go to the Women and Children that have been exploited through Human Sex Trafficking. Victims but Survivors! They learn trades like making jewelry and everytime someone purchases it, it supports their "restorative process and provides a means of sustainability that secures their freedom from the cycle of exploitation and poverty". They also sign a card that comes with the jewelry item. Sweet :) Please check out their website if you're curious. Made In Hope is a Non-Profit Organization. Blessings and Lots of Love Instagram ดารา @superbek 1,486

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