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if yiew get tired of da fweakyness go 2 @happyhippiefdn CHANGES lives of homeless/LGBT youth! GET MY FREE ALBUM!

#slay #HM4EVR Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 45,440

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Always bout dat veggie burger life!!! #veg4life #hannahmontanaisveganlol Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 95,968

OG regram @binxwalton lol that was sposed 2 b @billyraycyrus Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 93,812

Art imitates life Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 88,470

It's almost Friday yallllll!!!! Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 73,858

LofuckingL HM 4 @itsjeremyscott #beenondatJSswag #HM4EVR Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 162,842

@realdukeofearles understands the insanity of it all..... Sending love to all my cast members on this anniversary .... To the world it's a celebration of 10 years but for us the journey began way before the world had any clue who the fuck any of us are ..... There was a very long auditioning process, and many chemistry reads which really is what sold the show to the producers and channel because no matter what went on over the years (which none of you have any clue about but It was like the real world but more hormonal teenagers) our love for each other was unquestionable.... Even though I feel disconnected to who I was at that time I will always feel eternally grateful for the opportunity and platform I was given .... None of it would have been possible with out every single person who ever contributed to the series .... From regulars , to special guests (and there were many magical ones @dollyparton ) to creators, crew , directors..... I am where I am because of loyal fans that I am thankful for and of course love dearly all the new angels who support me now..... Even though HM is chopped up into little tiny pieces and buried in my backyard she will always hold a very special place in my heart! Celebrate this day with us! Get real drunk and remember #HM4EVR 🏼 send pics gettinnnnn buck wild in honor of this special day! ️ #letsplayadrinkinggame watch HM and every time someone says her name take a shot! Yiew hew! Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 143,902

Knock kneed and on set yoga PS taking s selfie like dis ain't easy Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 76,541

Lolz @mister_e Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 63,022

Not to kill your optimism but a dude whos 65 told me he still gets blackheads! Suchhhhhhh a bummmmmmmmer! Way worst thannnngz but still suppppa lame! Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 90,411

Goodnight @mertalas can't wait 2 b reyiewnighted w yiew 🏼🦄 Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 113,729

Happy Pussy BabiezZz #harlem Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 7,580

Dat time I dropped sum Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 89,452

Half way to Fri-YAY!!!! Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 44,408

Lol Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 53,552

Love my girl @thekatvond not only cause she alwayzzzzz tats exactly what I have envisioned but she is equally compassionate as she is talented! Her line is 100% cruelty free which us animal (not just pet) lovers are always searching for! Her ️ is as bad a$$ as her style! We believe needles should be used only on consenting human beings not innocent animals! Thank u Kat Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 62,236

U can always count on my baby @patidubroff anyone else got summmm ca$h!!!!! (Ps just that text makes me lol) (pps send pics if u got it) Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 52,207

Yoooooo does anyone still have any of that "Miley Money" I threw out into the crowd on Bangerzzzz tour! Tryin 2 collab w the bad A$$ @mister_e and we wanna use some of dat shit to make summmm pieces! Fuck yeah! Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 95,570

Throwback to the time @jenstark made me a $ick a$$ $lide 2 cum downnnnn on daaaaa VMAzzzzz ! Instagram ดารา @mileycyrus 90,630

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