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Thank you @joshgroban, @joshgad, @alanmenken, @miss_jayalexander, Kasi Lemmons (@kzvchick), @vondie_curtis_hall, @im.angelabasset and @sethmeyers for coming to see @EclipsedBway! PS: See you on Monday, @latenightseth! #EclipsedPlay Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,217

Ask and you shall receive: Last night one of my heroes came to see our show @eclipsedbway. #IronLady #LeymahGbowee, thank you for the example you have set for us stepping into these Liberian roles. Thank you for being our teacher from afar, for insisting on peace and for fighting for the sanctity of womanhood. #eclipsedplay #eclipsedbway #sisterhood Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 8,003

Spring is in the air... and I'm excited to share my first @InStyleMagazine cover!! Thank you, @ArielFoxman, @DilokritBarose, @LarryJarahSims, @CaseyNails, @ThomasWhiteside, @LoganHill33, @TeamID! Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 12,062

Just did #BuildSeries with my sisters, the #ironladies of @eclipsedbway. Thank you, Donna Freydkin for the great conversation @freydkin. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 2,404

Leymah Gbowee, who inspired the women's peace movement in Liberia, is especially on my mind for #InternationalWomensDay. As we prepare for tonight's performance of @eclipsedbway, I think of how the play is set in Liberia, but the story rings so true for all around the world, who strive for equal opportunity to unlock their potential. Thank you, Leymah for your work to stand up for women everywhere and to create a more peaceful world for all. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 6,349

All in a day's work. @eclipsedbway #IronLadies #beforeandafter #OpeningNight #quickchange #nbd Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 12,148

In the words of @eclipsedbway's #NumberThree: Dat what I like! #OpeningNight. @balmain @leightonjewels @alexandrebirman #aboutlastnight Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 4,557

Opening Night for ECLIPSED was unforgettable! @eclipsedbway Thank you all that came for the fervant support. From baby blue to Balmain all in one night! #BroadwayBeginnings Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 16,061

Things to know before you see ECLIPSED (Part 2) @eclipsedbway: 7. The Liberian constitution flag were modeled after the United States’. The flag contains one star. This is why Liberia is called Africa’s Lone Star state. 8. Liberia is Africa's oldest republic. The capital city is Monrovia, named after American President James Monroe. 9. Being in the play is an emotionally intense experience for me, and it means a lot to me to see your bright faces afterwards at the stage door each night. Thank you! 10. Some of the countries represented in our cast and crew are: Kenya, Liberia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Ghana, USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa & Philippines. 11. Before the curtain goes up, you can typically find me knitting backstage! It helps calm the nerves :) 12. The play opens today, March 6th! AAAH! Visit to get tickets. See you there! Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 4,232

Happy Opening to us! @eclipsedbway A few things to know before you see ECLIPSED (Part 1): 1. This is my Broadway debut! Such a thrill. I can’t believe it. 2. We are the first play on Broadway to be written, directed and performed by ALL WOMEN. Making history!  3. Liberia is a country on the West African coast that was founded by freed and free-born African-Americans, and was thus a colony of the United States'. 4. The play takes place during the Second Liberian Civil War when the Women’s Peace Movement helped bring an end to the war in 2003 through nonviolence movements, including a sex strike. 5. Leymah Gbowee, who started the initiative won the Nobel Peace Prize! 6. I first played my character as an understudy in Drama School. I never went on, and I promised myself back then that I would play "The Girl" some day, somehow, somewhere, so it’s mindblowing to get to do it on Broadway. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 4,448

Thank you David Oyelowo, @CynthiaErivo, @im.angelabassett and Ntozake Shange for coming to see us in previews at @EclipsedBway! Opening night is almost here...!!! Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 7,282

Birthday celebration at the theater. Thank you @eclipsedbway cast and crew for making merry with one of my favorite thigs. #macaroons And thank you to my entire online community for the messages and tributes. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 4,773

Throwback to when @chrisrock came to show us love for #EclipsedPlay at The Public Theater. Wishing him all the best at @theacademy awards tonight from our new home on Broadway! And may all the nominees have a night to remember. @eclipsedbway Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 14,810

#BroadwayBinding with the New York Times. My progress thus far... Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 309

Introducing the #IronLadies of @eclipsedbway. Meet Akosua Busia, who plays Rita aka Ma Peace. #EclipsedPlay #AkosuaBusia Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,385

"So two Africans walk into a restaurant in Manhattan and meet a journalist..." The start of a very good joke or a very good conversation with @trevornoah for the New York Times. Interview on and in Sunday's paper. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 17,275

Here's to friendship, to collaboration, to the love of theater, Africa, and women. Here's to Danai Gurira and the world of Eclipsed she created, that I get to embody and inhabit every night at the Golden Theater. Interview on #EclipsedPlay Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 19,341

Introducing the #IronLadies of @eclipsedbway. Meet Lupita Nyong'o (@lupitanyongo), who plays The Girl aka Number #4. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 8,477

Introducing the #IronLadies of @eclipsedbway. Meet Pascale Armand who plays Bessie aka Number #3. #PascaleArmand Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 1,218

Introducing the #IronLadies of @eclipsedbway. Meet Zainab Jah (@ladyzjah) who plays Maima aka Number #2. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 4,270

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