@lupitanyongo : Things to know before you see ECLIPSED (Part 2) @eclipsedbway: 7. The Liberian constitution flag were modeled after the United States’. The flag contains one star. This is why Liberia is called Africa’s Lone Star state. 8. Liberia is Africa's oldest republic. The capital city is Monrovia, named after American President James Monroe. 9. Being in the play is an emotionally intense experience for me, and it means a lot to me to see your bright faces afterwards at the stage door each night. Thank you! 10. Some of the countries represented in our cast and crew are: Kenya, Liberia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Ghana, USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa & Philippines. 11. Before the curtain goes up, you can typically find me knitting backstage! It helps calm the nerves :) 12. The play opens today, March 6th! AAAH! Visit EclipsedBroadway.com to get tickets. See you there!
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