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@IfOnly wants you to join me on the red carpet at the #IntheHeartoftheSea premiere! Proceeds go towards @AusChild to help the neglected & abused. Enter to win: Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 6,122

Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 16,394

Not nearly the viscous monsters some people think ! Sharks are one of, if not the most important part of the oceans ecosystem , without them it would collapse , our survival depends on theirs ! Protect the Sharks! #sharksareawesome #sharks @oceana Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 4,570

Excited for everyone to see this one, had an incredible experience on this film. @WBPictures #IntheHeartoftheSea Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 10,268

Selfie with my mate. #HappyHalloween Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 11,778

Super fun surf today, not shark in site, yeoooooiw!! #emery #emerysurfboards @emerysurfboards Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 8,315

A good thing about the kids waking up early, you see things like this ! #thatsprettybutcanwegobacktosleep Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 4,513

#repost @liamhemsworth ・・・ Tani's favorite chew toy. #Thorsday Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 13,516

New Thor action figure. Not sure about the likeness… #Thorsday Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 7,242

A few years ago, Elsa and I on our first date, I look a little different now, but she still holds my chin just like this, true sign of love. @elsapatakyconfidential Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 13,333

Rough day in the office. @wbpictures #IntheHeartoftheSea Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 3,864

#Repost @elsapatakyconfidential ・・・ Me derrito!! Im melting!! #family #lovefamily #father #papa #instamoment #lifeisbeautiful #summer #ocean #sunny @chrishemsworth Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 426

Met Superman today. @zocothebodypro Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 840

One way to beat the traffic! Australian coast at its best @jasonsmith84 Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 6,863

Thanks for coming, legends! #Dressmakerpremiere Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 14,071

Another strange family portrait to add to the mix. #dressmaker #premier #wheresluke? Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 20,559

#CelebritySpotting Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 5,375

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