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#repost @liamhemsworth ・・・ Best brothers. Best mates. Best night!!! Happy new year everyone! @fallsfestival @disclosure Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 38,437

Happy new year legends !! Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 42,739

#repost @nbcsnl ・・・ Goodnight! #LiveFrom8H #SNL #SNLBackstage Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 6,990

This. In a few hours. @beckbennett @nbcsnl #SNL Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 35,426

Warning: Extreme Skateboarding with @kylemooney might be too extreme. Link in bio. #SNL Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 23,594

Great night at the NYC #intheheartoftheseapremiere. Thanks to everyone involved!!! ・・・ Anoche en la premier #enelcorazondelmar En NY con vestido de mi amigo @naeemkhannyc/ Last night, premier #intheheartofthesea in NY dress by my friend @naeemkhannyc @chrishemsworth #nyc #movie #husband #proud #inlove #family @glamourspain foto de la semana Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 75,764

Great night at the NYC #intheheartoftheseapremiere thanks everyone involved !!! Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 6,345

#repost @kellyandmichael ・・・ Double #ManCrushMonday!!! #ChrisHemsworth #AndersonCooper #KellyRipa #KellyandMichael @chrishemsworth Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 16,118

Lucky enough to work with this legend twice now, such an amazing experience. Looking forward to the NYC premier of #IntheHeartoftheSea @realronhoward Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 28,364

Risking my life on the vertical ramp. Go big or go home. Skate or die. Huge risk! Yeoooow... #Xgames #extreme #lifeontheline Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 27,957

Got my carry-on luggage sorted Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 19,680

@liamhemsworth Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 21,986

Heading to Madrid with my mate Peter Parker for #intheheartoftheseapremiere @tomholland2013 Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 29,572

#repost @ifonly ・・・ LAST DAY: Take a casual limo ride to the red carpet with @chrishemsworth to the premiere of #IntheHeartoftheSea. Enter now at for $5! Proceeds support @AusChild. Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 12,150

Thanks Mexico for such a warm welcome, hope you love the film! Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 6,746

Just tried a new diet/training program called "Lost At Sea". Wouldn't recommend it.. #IntheHeartoftheSea Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 17,145

Lunch with a friend. Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 28,952

Had a great time yesterday in Sydney for a special screening of #IntheHeartoftheSea benefiting @AusChild. This is an incredible cause that provides very specialized therapeutic counseling and care to help children recover from abuse and family violence. #NotAnotherChild Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 10,755

#repost @nbcsnl ・・・ Happy holidays! #SNL Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 15,291

#TheHuntsman Instagram ดารา @chrishemsworth 19,039

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