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★ Crazy Walk's owner ★ A tourism postgrad Miss Universe Thailand 2013 For work: Chandara25 022711255 Email me:

Wo woke up at 3am. Pretend to have very lively face loll @supersom Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

N'Geegee is going to compete in miss International @Japannnnn!!! Pls support herrrr miss Thailand! my beautiful lady nong gee! I'm rooting for u ! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

คุณยายน้องจี้ส๊วยสวย Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

My feet were killing meeeee T.T hurt soooo bad! Lek and I had super unusual day today but it was fun :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Extremelyyyy freakin hungryy.. enjoy father's day dinner with daddy Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Long live the king Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

@spraewa @ggeegi Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Long time no see these pretty girls!!! @lek_sunidporn @ggeegi Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Happy father's day and long live the king of Thailand Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

ที่ที่คุ้นเคย.. Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Productive day working with ICAP Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Time flies so fast.. couldn't believe it's the end of the year already.. looking back... Time definitely has a perfect way of showing us what really matters... Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Private party for Sparsha's VIP guests at central bangna :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Very very intense work mode !!! ;P with p' @mathavee_tukky Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

My complimentary gifts for those who join my meet&greet on 7dec2013 :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Organic veggies and eggs basket from SUT yesterday :D I'm thinking what kind of egg dishes shall I cook Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Soo much fun tonight.. got interesting question of the night from lovely gentleman..asking me what kind of boyfriend do I like? // What kind of guys do I attract? :D haha Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Restagram from @jadeite_yok Thank you so much SUT for having me tonight and I feel super awesome meeting P'Somjit, 1 of my fav Thai boxers ever :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

I will be a guest speaker giving inspirational speech for students in Suranaree University of Technology today :) ready ready~! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

These made my day Thank uuuu very much!! Happy happy~ :-* #love #CQ #poscards Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

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