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★ Crazy Walk's owner ★ A tourism postgrad Miss Universe Thailand 2013 For work: Chandara25 022711255 Email me:

Selfie before breakfast!! Miss Thailand is in green Thai silk jumpsuit and traditional thai purse :D ปล. กระเป๋าย่านลิเภาเล็กไปหน่อยเลยวันนี้เอามาโพสถ่ายรูปได้อย่างเดียว >.< Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Spotted myself at thank youuuu soo muchh Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Pressie from Miss Guam and miss Turks and Caicos! thank uuuuuu girlssss Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

I have announcement to make guyd.. there are sooooooo many fake accounts using my name commenting people on fb and twitter.. I do not own twitter or facebook.. Those are fake! Fake fake fake! Twitter @chakalitamu2013 is a FAKE account and ID: chakalita yamysmyam on fb is also FAKE! #donnowhytheypretendtobeme #fedupwithfakes #donotbelievethem Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

My girl ,Moe set,miss myanmar has instagrammm nowww guysss! Follow her at @moesetwine710 :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Beautiful miss Panama and mee #tourmoscowwithlita Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Isn't this beautiful Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Go go russia and thailand Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Now give some really hungry look @!! Feed us before we lose controlllllll.. hhhhh lolll Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Miss Namibia and I are going backkk! Hungry nowww~ give us foooddd plz! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Spectacular building of Moscow and our awesome bus from #mercedesbenz Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Here we r! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

This reminds me of Jason bourne movie... anyone watch this film? Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Wish you were here.. Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Cute kids Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Look who is my trip mate of the day!!! The beautiful Ariella :D ohh yeaa~ we rock it at red square Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

จ้าง 10 เต้น 100 5555 Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Girls from shopping mall group headed to the dining place right away. Here we r! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

I am gonna go through sugar journey with Moe set tonight.. Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Officially reach the restaurant!!! Eatttttttttttttttttttttt Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

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