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Tamagotchi is an adopted female cat. She is polydactyl with 6 toes on each paw!! Minnneapolis, USA Email Tama at:

Tama had a comfy day off today Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 140

After a long Monday this cat needs a nap Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 15

Happy Caturday to one and all! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 150

Happy Friday!!!! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 221

Did you remember to love a cat today? Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 207

Time to get up? I don't think so... Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 596

Up close and personal with Tamagotchi Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 539

Hello!! Check out all my toes! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 644

Lazy Caturday Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 686

Hello friends Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 549

#throwbackthursday Baby Tama has T-Rex arms Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 525

Rattlesnake Tama just wants to take her nap in peace Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 560

Tamagotchi looks so sad about her decision to be in the closet Also a good photo of her double thumbs Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 782

Happy Caturday everyone! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 727

Tiny Tamagotchi fishing for octopus #tbt Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 633

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