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Tamagotchi is an adopted female cat. She is polydactyl with 6 toes on each paw!! Minnneapolis, USA Email Tama at:

Check out my new shoes! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 91

Hope everyone had a happy holiday and got lots of treats!! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 9

Come play with me Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 108

I've got my eye on you Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 176

Sleepy paws Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 142

Grab my paw! Pull me outta here! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 179

My little lap warmer Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 138

#tbt DJ Tama in the house Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 110

Don't be ashamed of hitting that snooze button. Tama does it every day Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 14

Happy Caturday Its a beautiful snowy day here! ️ Perfect snuggle weather Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 100

Hours of entertainment at the water bowl Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 116

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a super day Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 104

Look who's gracing the pages of Modern Cat magazine this quarter! Tamagotchi is on page 19 How cool is that?! 😎 Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 19

Goooooooood morning! Happy Monday Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 202

Just hanging out Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 131

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 29

Tama loves you too Happy #nationalcatday Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 41

One bag full of cuteness You can see see she has her favorite toy in there with her. Also you can see her special thumbs too Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 107

Good morning! Happy Caturday Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 123

Time for my close up Instagram @tamagotchi_cat 87

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