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Charger the 5 year old yorkiepoo! Likes: bike rides, naps, toilet paper shredding Other IG sn: @sweetwisconsin

Bedtime shenanigans Instagram @sweetcharger 319

Testing out new beds at the pet store Instagram @sweetcharger 421

As I was snacking in bed this little monster begged from behind the curtains for a some. #PrimeBeggingRealEstate #PleaseFeedMeImCute Instagram @sweetcharger 673

Charger's new life jacket. 😀 Instagram @sweetcharger 1,037

Happy saturday! Instagram @sweetcharger 773

Spa day for Charger aka "mama is mean and gave me a haircut and bath day". Instagram @sweetcharger 759

Peek-a-boo. It's road trip time. Instagram @sweetcharger 750

Wildman needs a haircut. But I'm waiting for it to warm up. Come on spring! Instagram @sweetcharger 753

Snuggles with Adam Instagram @sweetcharger 788

Go away. I am not getting up Instagram @sweetcharger 630

One of my favorites Instagram @sweetcharger 760

The official Charger "stink eye". Instagram @sweetcharger 771

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