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Charger the 5 year old yorkiepoo! Likes: bike rides, naps, toilet paper shredding Other IG sn: @sweetwisconsin

Modeling leftover bridal shower decorations. Instagram @sweetcharger 626

Swimmer Charger Instagram @sweetcharger 225

First wedding gift...let's open it mama! I bet it is new chew sticks for me! Instagram @sweetcharger 306

Mama's professional flower helper. Instagram @sweetcharger 651

Sleepy bear. Instagram @sweetcharger 140

Middle of the week nap time. To see my napping in action, Check out the previous video my mama posted. Instagram @sweetcharger 580

Go away mama. I am busy napping. Instagram @sweetcharger 474

Tuesday. Meh. #doggie #dog #yorkie #yorkiepoo #poodle #fluff #yawn #cute #pup #puppy #dogsofinstagram #charger #tuesday #sleepy Instagram @sweetcharger 439

Charger's beauty tip of the day. Head tilts always make you look cuter. Instagram @sweetcharger 571

And I think the winning name for the dragon is Dolly. he sure does love her. Instagram @sweetcharger 565

I think his favorite toy needs a name. Instagram @sweetcharger 205

In his dragon bed with his favorite pink dragon that he drags around #enjoyingtimeoffwithmama Instagram @sweetcharger 448

Enjoying summer Instagram @sweetcharger 749

My little nurses. Instagram @sweetcharger 579

Triplets @krisbsix bought a matching shirt for Charger, Bunja, and Luke ( @stephivore ) aren't they all so cute?! Instagram @sweetcharger 507

Charger people watching while we are lunch. Instagram @sweetcharger 680

Shopping with charger. Instagram @sweetcharger 518

Just when we think all the laundry is done, charger digs out some of his dirty socks from his hidden stash. Instagram @sweetcharger 815

King of the pillows Instagram @sweetcharger 644

Loving on auntie Sarah Instagram @sweetcharger 631

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