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Charger the 5 year old yorkiepoo! Likes: bike rides, naps, toilet paper shredding Other IG sn: @sweetwisconsin

Hello ig! Just wanted to let you know I will be closing Chargers IG account. I will still be keeping my personal one @sweetwisconsin thank you all for the years of memories! -Tana Instagram @sweetcharger 370

Did someone just say "treats"?! Instagram @sweetcharger 614

Instagram @sweetcharger 302

Napping buddies! Instagram @sweetcharger 658

Doggie GQ Instagram @sweetcharger 230

Welcome to my crib. Instagram @sweetcharger 482

Even models need their beauty rest Instagram @sweetcharger 530

I see you have the camera out again mama. He always seems to pop up when he hears the shutter click. #modelingdoggie Instagram @sweetcharger 627

My little Packer purse buddy! Go pack go! #playoffsherewecome !!! Instagram @sweetcharger 475

Merry Christmas! Love Jackie and Charger. Instagram @sweetcharger 360

Even Santa thinks he is cute. Instagram @sweetcharger 256

Also another great photo from the wedding by @artemisandping charger really has the holiday twinkle in his eyes Instagram @sweetcharger 232

Charger this weekend. Such a good little model. photo taken by @artemisandping Instagram @sweetcharger 114

Charger sitting in left over wedding decor Instagram @sweetcharger 577

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Safe travels! Instagram @sweetcharger 121

The video to match the photo he liked being pulled around like a king. Instagram @sweetcharger 391

Chargers first sled ride Instagram @sweetcharger 574

Christmas blankie has officially been unpacked for the holidays! P.s. Cute new socks at Victoria's Secret. Charger agrees! Instagram @sweetcharger 566

Instagram @sweetcharger 646

#pillowtalk Instagram @sweetcharger 598

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