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This is Sam. He has eyebrows. NYC • cat model • tuna lover • heart breaker

#tbt to judging you SO hard 😐 Instagram @samhaseyebrows 746

Cheeeeeeeese 😬 Instagram @samhaseyebrows 1,210

Hey neighbor, can I borrow a cup of tuna? Instagram @samhaseyebrows 1,563

Here's to hoping you have as much fun as Sam is with this ribbon. #tgif Instagram @samhaseyebrows 998

Happy #stpatricksday ! #tbt Instagram @samhaseyebrows 373

White cat, green thumbs. Instagram @samhaseyebrows 1,251

Jeez, why don't you just take a photo it'll last long-...oh. Instagram @samhaseyebrows 1,296

When you're dead asleep but then you hear the sound of the coffee grinder... Instagram @samhaseyebrows 1,206

Praying that the bartender notices how badly you need that #happyhour special. #tgif Instagram @samhaseyebrows 1,004

#tbt to the photo that got Sam famous. Instagram @samhaseyebrows 721

#tbt to the photo that got Sam famous. Instagram @samhaseyebrows 721

Happy #tongueouttuesday ! 🧀 Instagram @samhaseyebrows 606

When your coworker is telling you about their weekend but all you're thinking about is coffee. Instagram @samhaseyebrows 968

Happy Friday!! (Whoever made this: you are awesome. Please reveal yourself for credit!) #tgif Instagram @samhaseyebrows 680

Be sure to #VaxYourCat this year! Visit the PUREVAX Pure Protection website and play the “Feline Defense” game for a chance to receive a special edition celebricat calendar featuring yours truly! Link to game in bio. #spon Instagram @samhaseyebrows 786

When the break room is out of coffee 😐 Instagram @samhaseyebrows 581

Long arms, amber eyes, makin' all the ladies cry. Instagram @samhaseyebrows 854

It's 2016 and people have finally figured out how to make cat litter smell like fresh laundry. Thanks for the box, Fresh Step litter! Anyone else out there tried #FreshStepFebreeze yet? Get it at @petsmart ! #ad Instagram @samhaseyebrows 288

All dressed up to get down. #tgif #yolo Instagram @samhaseyebrows 371

This is a win-win situation: you quit smoking, you get to enjoy my eyebrows, and you also get this awesome cat video: Thank YOU for helping @truthorange prevent #CatMageddon! #ad Instagram @samhaseyebrows 1,363

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