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Ya'll didn't know I got cat-mouflage skills! If I don't move they won't see me... Right?! #TBT #millathecat #camouflage #ninjakitty Instagram @millathecat 4,737

Paws off my box! Thank you @petbox for another fun filled box of treats! Use code MILLA to get 10% off your total petbox purchase! #petbox #millathecat Instagram @millathecat 427

Another #fanfriday of @millathecat art from some of her talented followers. ️ Keep it coming and make sure to tag @millathecat when you post or private message your work to her so we can post. #millathecat #tgif #art #fanart Instagram @millathecat 1,864 Doc says I gotta take it easy on my on my heart. ️ Skipping jazzercize today. Thinking of converting this into a bed now. #fitnessfriday #felinefriday #tgif #gym #workout #naptime #millathecat #HCM #recovery #savemilla #savingmilla #hangintheremilla #getbettermilla Instagram @millathecat 3,545

Throwback to last October. Sittin' pretty and doing my thang! #TBT #millathecat #prettygirlrock Instagram @millathecat 213

Shaved hair... Don't care! I'm still super cute! #battlewound #HCM #millathecat #recovery #hangintheremilla #savingmilla #toughchick Instagram @millathecat 3,585

#MillaMondays This is my first picture back from the hospital! This morning Dad brought out my favorite toy that I've missed so much. Excited much?! I'm ready for a photo now! #cameraready #backtotheoldme #millasback #feelingbetter Instagram @millathecat 4,292

Best #sundayfunday EVER! It's "Kitty Nature" - @madonna #lategram #CATinaBOX #millathecat Instagram @millathecat 2,411

Go to @siyiart 's page and check out her animated video of @millathecat. Yet another super talented fan of Milla. ️ Thank you! #fanart #caturday #millathecat #savingmilla #hangintheremilla #getbettermilla Instagram @millathecat 2,892

You've made @millathecat 's CATURDAY that much more special with all you beautiful works or art. We ️ you all for sending Milla so much love. #caturday #millathecat #savemilla #savingmilla #hangintheremilla #getbettermilla #fanart #welcomehome Instagram @millathecat 1,085 MILLA'S HOME!!! We’d like to thank all of Milla’s followers and supporters for their love, prayers and generosity. We'd also like to thank Dr. Arndt and everyone at The City of Angles Veterinary Specialty Center. After several days in the Hospital, Milla is back home with her family. She is still recovering and is very weak. Milla has been diagnosed with Heart disease (HCM). This is likely a genetic condition where the heart is enlarged and starts to thicken, causing Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), creating fluid build up into the lungs. Sadly, this is a terminal condition. Milla is still recovering from this recent episode but she will now have to take medication for the rest of her life… this could be several months to a year or more. We realize this news may be sad to hear. It has been very difficult for us as well, but we feel we should inform you of the severity of this disease incase it helps save the life of your pet or a pet close to you. We are confident she is receiving the best medical care available. Veterinarian check-ups won’t always find these issues until symptoms start to show. It wasn’t until Milla had trouble breathing earlier this week and x-rays from the cardiologist confirmed she had a severe case of heart disease. Our little lady has a growing heart that will eventually be too big for her to handle. We all are blessed to have her in our lives and we are doing everything we can to make sure she lives the rest of her days happy and healthy as possible. Milla is such a strong kitty and we believe that miracles could happen. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts. Send positive energy and prayers her way, as she needs it now more than ever. You could still help by making a donation towards her medical expenses as well as her ongoing treatment. Please spread the word and visit for more information. * You may also send donations thru paypal to Please select the "Friends and Family" option. P.S. Milla's fur & makeup glam squad is not here so she asked that we use a #flashbackfriday photo. #millathecat Instagram @millathecat 3,986

We had to post this wonderful Fan Friday art from @help_us_heal_the_world wishing @millathecat well. All of Milla's followers and fans are so amazing! Keep 'em coming and don't forget to check out We can use all the support we can get. We will have an update for you guys shortly. #fanfriday #fanart #millathecat Instagram @millathecat 674

Today's Fan Friday drawing is from super talented @mymoongirl. Absolutely ️ this! Keep the @millathecat art coming and make sure to tag her so you can be featured as well! #fanfriday #fanart #millathecat #savemilla #savingmilla #hangintheremilla #getbettermilla Instagram @millathecat 1,346 Hello everyone! Here is a quick update! Today we bring good news. Milla is still in serious condition but is slowly getting better! Her breathing and blood pressure is improving and the fluid in her lungs is dissolving. She is still on oxygen but her breathing is getting better. She appears to be more alert and is enjoying those ear rubs even more. We are still hoping for the best. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! Again, we thank you for all your love, support and donations. We will keep you posted! #savemilla #savingmilla #hangintheremilla #getbettermilla Instagram @millathecat 687

Throwback Thursday: October is here yet again. This was last years Halloween fitting for my @madonna MEOWterial girl ensemble. We obviously needed to get things pointed in the right direction! #TBT #Madonna #halloween #millathecat #hangintheremilla #getbettermilla #savemilla #savingmilla Instagram @millathecat 2,668 We want to thank everyone for your continued love and support. We are grateful for all your donations and messages. Please keep them coming! They are helping Milla and her "pets" keep their spirits up during this hard time. She is still in critical condition, but is resting a lot easier. They are currently trying to maintain a steady blood pressure and get Milla breathing properly. As you could see in the photo, Milla loves to get her ears rubbed! Thanks again for your help! Any donation helps at we even accept hugs! Please help spread the word and send Milla those positive vibes and prayers. - Milla and Family #millathecat #savemilla #savingmilla #hangintheremilla #getbettermilla Instagram @millathecat 1,994 We just wanted to thank you all for your continued love and support! Your generous donations are helping Milla get the best possible medical attention she can! She is still in critical condition and is being seen by a cardiologist. The doctors are continuing with several tests to figure out the best options for her. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and help spread the word of our little kitty. Link above. Instagram @millathecat 6,753 Just wanted to thank you all for your continued love and support. @millathecat is still in critical condition. She is inside an oxygen chamber and is being seen by a cardiologist. They are continuing with several tests to figure out the best options for her. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Your generous donations are helping Milla get the best medical care possible. Please spread word of our little kitty. #hangintheremilla #millathecat Instagram @millathecat 723

LINK: Milla has a serious heart condition and needs your love and support. Please help donate whatever you can. For the past few years, Milla has brought us all love and joy in her photos. She now needs a little extra love and care. Milla is in a critical care hospital with an extreme heart condition that is requiring special attention and your help. If she has brought you and joy in your your life, please help by making a donation toward her medical costs. She and her owners would greatly appreciated. Please spread the word about our little @millathecat LINK IS IN PROFILE #giveforward #millathecat Instagram @millathecat 3,008

️Please keep little Milla in your thoughts & prayers. She's not feeling very well and is in the hospital. #getwellsoon #millathecat Instagram @millathecat 5,185

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