@millathecat : SaveMilla.com MILLA'S HOME!!! We’d like to thank all of Milla’s followers and supporters for their love, prayers and generosity. We'd also like to thank Dr. Arndt and everyone at The City of Angles Veterinary Specialty Center. After several days in the Hospital, Milla is back home with her family. She is still recovering and is very weak. Milla has been diagnosed with Heart disease (HCM). This is likely a genetic condition where the heart is enlarged and starts to thicken, causing Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), creating fluid build up into the lungs. Sadly, this is a terminal condition. Milla is still recovering from this recent episode but she will now have to take medication for the rest of her life… this could be several months to a year or more. We realize this news may be sad to hear. It has been very difficult for us as well, but we feel we should inform you of the severity of this disease incase it helps save the life of your pet or a pet close to you. We are confident she is receiving the best medical care available. Veterinarian check-ups won’t always find these issues until symptoms start to show. It wasn’t until Milla had trouble breathing earlier this week and x-rays from the cardiologist confirmed she had a severe case of heart disease. Our little lady has a growing heart that will eventually be too big for her to handle. We all are blessed to have her in our lives and we are doing everything we can to make sure she lives the rest of her days happy and healthy as possible. Milla is such a strong kitty and we believe that miracles could happen. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts. Send positive energy and prayers her way, as she needs it now more than ever. You could still help by making a donation towards her medical expenses as well as her ongoing treatment. Please spread the word and visit SaveMilla.com for more information. * You may also send donations thru paypal to millascottishfold@gmail.com. Please select the "Friends and Family" option. P.S. Milla's fur & makeup glam squad is not here so she asked that we use a #flashbackfriday photo. #millathecat
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Scottish Fold • Pop Culture Kitty • Heart Disease Survivor • Thx for the likes, comments and follows! • MillaScottishFold@gmail.com

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