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Taylor Swift (Taylor Alison Swift)

Born in 1989.

Band aids don't fix kitchen knife-related injuries. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 41,414

New Romantic @vogueaustralia Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 35,922

One of my favorite memories from the 1989 World Tour, sound check with @beck and @st_vincent Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 50,600

Hi. From the NME cover shoot shot by Jordan Hughes Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 76,316

Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 78,190

Meredith is allergic to joy. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 20,839

"WHAT?!" "...OH." @derrtymo @haimtheband Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 20,626

Old friends. @derrtymo has come out to surprise the crowd on my last 3 tours. I absolutely adore him. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 57,341

I Can't Get No Satisfaction @mickjagger Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 9,098

Sound check with @leonalewis in Nashville a few hours before she brought the house down with that voice Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 60,340

Mick. Jagger. Nashville. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 6,424

Me losing my mind because @leonalewis is singing 'Bleeding Love' and it's the most glorious, beautiful thing I've ever heard or seen. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 15,731

Rach killing it with her second single. Check out 'Stand By You', I've had it on repeat all day. @rachelplatten Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 39,272

HAPPY BEY DAY!!! Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 53,384

I have no way to deal with this. Justin Timberlake is the BEST. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 91,263

Can't even describe how happy I was when this was taken. Thank you again @Ciara for being so magical. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 120,137

"It's a little invention I made earlier..." Mother Chucker @Caradelevingne Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 2,834

Fell in love with 60,000 people in Boston tonight. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 525

Thanks @WALKTHEMOONband for surprising the Boston crowd with 'Shut Up and Dance'!!! 60,000 person dance party. Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 61,183

I got to sing my fav summer JAM 'Want To Want Me' with @jasonderulo in DC- I'm also loving his new single 'Cheyenne'! Instagram ดารา @taylorswift 102,064

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