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Managing Director, Nai Lert Park Hotel Co., Ltd. & Nai Lert Park Heritage Home

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It begins with solid foundations and a well-defined bone structure. River Villa, a high-rise property situated on the Chao Phraya River edge amid a vast green landscape, have completely overhauled interiors and furnishings for 2 sibling apartments in contemporary and classic schemes by Chanintr Living. Beyond private elevator access and sweeping panoramic views towards the city skyline up the river, not only are feature floor textile from Bolon, custom architectural hardware, and installed taps and fittings from Waterworks offered, but these luxurious and comfort apartments are also fully fitted with designers furniture such as Barbara Barry, Carl Hansen & Son, McGuire, Bernhardt, Hickory Chair, just to name a few. For more information about the River Villa, please contact CBRE representative at +662 119 5797 or +668 1841 9977 Instagram ดารา @lek_nailertpark 125

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