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Be the light for someone. Be kind and have a heart and love so big that it shifts the energy in the room.

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Lean back baby. Instagram ดารา @kalorin 22

When you wake up wanting try something new.. #LyricalSeduction Instagram ดารา @kalorin 34

"But remember, the more you love your own decisions, the less you need others to love them." spoken very well by the @saaareeee herself. Instagram ดารา @kalorin 22

🐇 #FireRabbit #1987 #IWannaDanceWithSomebody # Instagram ดารา @kalorin 34

At what point in life do our dreams catch up to us if we are consistently opening new doors, chasing new goals and seeking new inspirations? It's so hard to be in the present with "life"..because, to me, time is a capsule. Such is life, innit? #Babygirl #16Months #MyRideOrDie #NoNewFriends #KaleiaLively Instagram ดารา @kalorin 56

Jumping music, slick deejays, Fog machines and laser rays Lookout weekend 'cause, here I come Because weekends were, made for fun Lookout weekend 'cause, here I come Because weekends were, made for fun . . . #Jiggles #NeedMeSomeGym #WtfAreMyAbs #CalvinKlein #SantaMonica #Oneteaspoon #Weekends #MommyBod Instagram ดารา @kalorin 49

No use knockin on a door that won't open..Unless you kick the door down. Yep, maybe I'll kick the door down anyway. #ThrowThemDuecesUp #KnockKnock #Thursdays Instagram ดารา @kalorin 29

Goodnight Los Angeleans.. pc : @djemanon Instagram ดารา @kalorin 60

We are all an artist of some sort.. Therapuetic art sessions can help your creative juices flow..not to mention the most organic way to alleviate stress..🖌 Instagram ดารา @kalorin 42

And that, Kaleia, is what makes mommy feel like all the weight is off her shoulders. Waves after waves. Slowly driftin. Driftin away . . . #GypsyLife #Home #BeachHouse #GloomyDay #GloomySkies Instagram ดารา @kalorin 67

Definitely hitting up this permanent installation sculpture by Elmgreen and Dragset (#2005) this summer. See you soon #ValentineTX #BadBetch #PradaMarfa #BucketList pc : @savcotter Instagram ดารา @kalorin 50

A touch of nature is all I need. A touch of nature is what everyone needs. Take longer walks. Have longer conversations. Take in a nice deep breath of fresh air. Take a moment to remember those who are currently not in your life anymore. Feel it. #MissingYouBro #SeeYouAtHeavensGate #SanMarcosSprings Instagram ดารา @kalorin 62

Whisper words of wisdom..let it be. #UpAbove Instagram ดารา @kalorin 52

Recap of the 2 weeks I've been in LA. #Whoops #Thanks @saaareeee for this appropriate post that I'm going to probably delete in 10 minutes. Instagram ดารา @kalorin 0

Obligatory visits to our midwest home in #AustinTX #NotTooShabby #MidWest Instagram ดารา @kalorin 41

The man said.. Instagram ดารา @kalorin 23

When you don't have time for make up and use #SnapChatFilters Instagram ดารา @kalorin 30

Ordered in tonight via #TryCaviar .. I can't begin to tell you how freakin good this is! #ArayasVegetarianPlace #Moan #SkeetSkeetSkeet #MangoStickyEffingRice @brittaneyelise Instagram ดารา @kalorin 45

#ShamefulSelfie .. does anyone have good recs on some good workouts?! In serious need of one. Help. Instagram ดารา @kalorin 19

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