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Quality Over Quantity FORD Models Snapchat: jaydanalamlieng

September Issue Out Now @nylonthailand @nylonmag #GoGetIt Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,196

foreign affairs Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,891

turn my headphones up// louder september issue of #NylonThailand #yeezus#BTS Instagram ดารา @jjayda 483

morning essentials check out @danielwellingtonwatches !! in love with my timeless piece... and because you saw it from here use the discount code JDDW on your purchase!xx #danielwellington#ClassicSheffield#AD Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,381

#prayforbangkok Instagram ดารา @jjayda 123

looking back at a summer with great memories & even greater people. looking forward to what lies ahead. Instagram ดารา @jjayda 491

waking up to this picture// i miss you too little one Instagram ดารา @jjayda 510

#tbt w/ my accentors Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,395

I always love coming to my second home... until next time #BKK ... •New commercials and magazines coming soon• Instagram ดารา @jjayda 2,039

today for the September Issue of @nylonthailand #nylonthailand xxxx Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,732

"Uncle Nuvo" #TeamNuvo @joejirayut Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,770

my lovesss Instagram ดารา @jjayda 3,847

yesterday was a kick-ass type of day Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,386

Come to Paragon Tomorrow at 4:30. See you all there โดน 2 คุณค่าแท้จากธรรมชาติของเมจิ บัลแกเรีย โกลเด้น ฮันนี่ ดึงดูดเข้าแล้วสิ! อร่อยแล้วยังได้ประโยชน์ ใครลองแล้วยกมือขึ้น #MeijiBulgariaYoghurt #GoldenHoney#yum#Ad#SlayJay Instagram ดารา @jjayda 221

quite the sassy walk today w/ these two #humbleabs Instagram ดารา @jjayda 678

morning Instagram ดารา @jjayda 2,734

babes. Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,112

hbd to this beauty @malikaak wishing you happiness, love and peace on this very special day. love you girlie!! through think'n'thin!xx Instagram ดารา @jjayda 1,461

Faith • Hope • Love Wow, what a beautiful night with such a beautiful bride and groom. I am so grateful to have such an amazing father figure in my life -Matt, you are so sincere, loving and caring. Mom, this is the moment you have been waiting for. It has been a long journey, but A journey well traveled and cherished.I am so happy for the both of you! I can't wait for all of our memories to come. Enjoy the Pacific Ocean on your guys honey !!xx I love you both so very much! #ginaandmatt2015 @ginaforever #Matt Instagram ดารา @jjayda 2,142

...a dream come true... xoxo #ginaandmatt2015 Instagram ดารา @jjayda 198

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