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Singer street dancer professor For work: 090-986-8991 line id: debbiesee

"Talk of the Town" TV show on Mono29 today ka!! @aon_luckkana26 #mono29 #monomusic #talkofthetown #interview Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 163

Makeup preparation for interview live on "Talk of the Town" TV show on Mono 29 channel ka!! #monomusic #talkofthetown #mono29tv Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 165

"WAKE UP (Bangkok City)" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO IS HERE. Go Watch Now!! วันนี้ มิวสิควีดีโอเพลง WAKE UP (Bangkok City) ของ Thaitanium ส่งตรงถึงมือพวกคุณทุกคนแล้ว... For those of you who haven't checked this out, please don't miss it na ka Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 116

Hula hoop fun!! Bringing back my childhood Hey, I'm still pretty good at this ^^ #debbiebazoo #toysrus #childhoodmemories #hulahoop Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 76

Visiting my beloved daddy... Been waiting for this moment ️ missed you soooo much!! #love Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 231

Reunion with the dance fam in Singapore for Lion City Throw Down!! with three of my favorite people and dancers!! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 96

Just arrived at Changi airport in Singapore ka!! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 97

Afternoon folks!! First day resuming professor duties back at Huachiew University!! Excited to meet my new class!! #debbiebazoo #huachiewuniversity #professorduties #internationalbusinessclass Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 57

ห้อมล้อมไปด้วยพี่หนุ่มๆสุดหล่อกล้ามโต อิอิ ^^ Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 265

Ran into this beautiful sister the other day!! Always as gorgeous as ever!! @katreeya_e #katreeyaenglish #debbiebazoo #hoodiebuddie Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 266

Working the runway ^^ Fashion show for Hoodie Buddie ka!! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 227

Getting my makeup done for the fashion show today at Central World ka!! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 156

The first dance convention ever in BKK!! Contemporary, hip hop and jazz funk... We bring you world renowned choreographers from the US! For those of you who love to dance, come get down with us!! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 122

Is that me? Don't be confused na ka... That's my mom! Sorry I couldn't be with you today, but i miss you with all my heart. Happy Thai Mother's Day!! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 167

Happy bday bestie!! Love you so much :) Thanks for being the evil voice of reason for all of us ^^ lol @therealkruart #bestfriends #artasakorn #debbiebazoo Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 82

Have a glamorous weekend everyone !! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 180

Girls shot The 3 dancing musketeers!! Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 162

First time experiencing a bus ride in Bangkok city after 32 years of life... What an adventure!! Amazingly fun Made my night! #bangkokcity #bkkadventure #publictransportation #busride Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 75

Bartending school... Or just another excuse to drink cocktails??? Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 99

Last night's celebration with the crew!! ^_^ Instagram ดารา @debbie_bazoo 144

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