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★ Crazy Walk's owner ★ A tourism postgrad Miss Universe Thailand 2013 For work: Chandara25 022711255 Email me:

Chilling in Hagone Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

You and me, same place different time =) Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Chalita at mt. Fuji Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Ishshuukan ni hachika aitai hehehe Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

I want these machines in my bedroom.. Hmmm! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

I finally got it!! :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Let the vacay begin now! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

หลงทางยังหาเจอ หลงรักเธอสิเหลือทน ฮิฮิ ~ :P Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Long distance is just a test to see how far love can travel #love #missingyou Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Lek and I @ sparsha event central ladprao today :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

อัพเดทเรียลไทม์ อะไรยังไงงงง พูดดด 555 Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

แน่ใจว่าไดเอท 555 Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Thank u for my belated chinese valentines pressie darling! this is my first chinese v-day present ever ! I reaaally luvvvvv ittt ! :D thank uuu naa xxxx Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0 be number 1, me, and miss to be number one :D These 2 lovely students are the winners of to be number 1 contest; anti-drug project. So proud of u guys keep on good work! @aiifsmk Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Met these lovely students from Sodsueksa nontaburi in a presentation session, I was kindly invited to join them in a photo :D such a pleasure :D Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

St. Mary's college team and I give donation to Phrabatnampu temple aka AIDS health care foundation in Thailand Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Drug addiction is both psychological and physical dependance. Thus, encouragement is needed. I also make a sacred vow of wat tham krabok not to involve with any drug ever! Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Grade 9 students of St.Mary's college nakhonratchasima and I are going to watprabatnampu and wattamkrabok today :) participating in anti-drugs campaign of to be number 1 project go go go! #alumniofthisschool #tobenumber1project Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Groupmates of the day =P Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

Happy mother's day ! Miss Universe Thailand 2013 team are joining the event at sanarmluang today Instagram ดารา @chalita_ywn 0

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