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Freerunner by day, sleeper by night.

It was in that moment he realized... #teamfarang Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,259

@teamfarang have set up shop in Bangkok at @bouncethailand Go check it out to grab some gear! More info on the stockist page of our website Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,018

me on some gangsta shiz ♬ Pop Style - Drake. #musicallyapp #Drake #PopStyle #music #instadaily Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,564

Some of my favorite moments from #10yearsoffreerunning it's hard to cut them down to 1min Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,849

Ancient action! Some lines from 08' #10yearsoffreerunning Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,151

2008 I took my first big trip to do freerunning across the UK and France. 100% the best thing about what we do is the community it creates. I met so many people on this trip who have influenced me and many other, and still do today. #10yearsoffreerunning Instagram ดารา @anananwar 447

Clips from 2006! Ten years ago today I had my first day of training. I had no idea then how much this seemingly bizarre sport was gonna impact my life and where in the world it would take me and the people i would meet along the way. It all started with those silly little jumps, stupids games and pointless challenges. A million tiny insignificant steps have added up to become this huge adventure i never saw coming. #10yearsoffreerunning #worthit Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,068

So fabulous right now Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,270

#Repost @thomas_mgn ・・・ @thejasonpaul & @anananwar tried to kidnap me at the #WeJumpTheWorld in Bangkok . #Parkour #Freerunning #TeamFarang #ParkourParis #Bangkok #Travel #Trip #Explore Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,704

Tomorrow is #wejumptheworld so head and do some training. If your in bkk come join @thejasonpaul and I at the jam at Sapharn Taksin 2pm - whenever. Instagram ดารา @anananwar 788

Found this little gem. Circa 2006 when I could still wake Instagram ดารา @anananwar 119

Can't wait to hang out state side again this summer @woodwardparkour Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,367

When I see the number of jams organized for #wejumptheworld Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,793

Butt scratcherrrr! Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,144

Oi @jesselaflair we got a wheel problem here. #imstuck #sopunny Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,256

When I'm trying to hide from da paparazzi 😎 Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,560

I don't read so good. @ediphotoeye Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,239

Throwback to when we was in #Chicago and got corn dogs and I lost my bucket hat in the river. #getyourmindoutofthegutter Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,570

I wish I could 1min vid! #gamechanger @teamfarang for full clip. Instagram ดารา @anananwar 1,681

The misses got a new business with some sassy cosmetics in Thailand, check her out @faceappeal Instagram ดารา @anananwar 838

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