@tobtkn : Finally, it comes to the last day of year 2014 and tomorrow will become year 2015. This year is the challenging year of mine and also change a lot of my life. I face the domestic market difficulties as many people but finally we can get through it. Luckily, there is many good things happen to my life. Firstly, my little boy "Tobi" is born. He teaches me that it's not that easy to be a good father and let me remember how much my parents love me and do for me. Secondly, I lead "TAOKAENOI" to be a Public company and will trade the stock next year which I will be the youngest CEO in the stock exchange. It seems to be my dream comes true. But what I proud is that I could build the very strong "TAOKAENOI" team with the people who love and aim the same way to build "TAOKAENOI" as the global brand and to make it a legend. It is to inspire and to give the best value to our customers. The last important thing, I still wake up everyday with the power and the will to do my best because I always receive the valuable supports and comments from our customers as to keep us improve and grow. For this New Year occasion, I wish you all success with good times, good health, good cheer and a Happy New Year!!!
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