@tobtkn : Finally, today is comes, the day that I completed 30 years old (24 November,2014). I’m not sure that should be sad when my age first counting with number 3 or should be glad to have come to life through this as well. However, I’m surely that I have 2 things would like to do. One of them is finding a peaceful place and reviews all stories passing my life, the suffering, the happiness, the many problems; especially in the past 10 years before pioneer Toakanoi business to explore myself that there is anything to adjust hereafter. The second thing I would like to spend time with people I love. I would like to thanks everyone who always supported me, including people who I have asked for help or disturbed them. I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry and thank you for giving me an opportunity. And the last important things is my all fans and Taokaenoi’s staff, if not have you all maybe I might surrender and give up with every problems for several time. But because of I have you all so I have the success business and life. Thank you very much, thanks a million...
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