@cats930 : I was tagged by @simbawe__oop To list 10 facts about myself. I've done a similar tag before but thought I would do it again for those who missed the last one and because I have some new facts. More info on Rosie: 1) I was born in May of 2012 2) I was a return adoption at the shelter because my previous owner travelled too much for work 3) I was adopted on Valentines day 2014 4) Mommy chose my first name because of a foster cat named Rosie on The Critter Room on Livestream 5) I am a people cat- I love being around people!! 6) My favorite thing(besides eating) is looking outside to see what's going on 7) Sometimes mommy calls me nosy Rosie 8) I don't sleep as much as a normal cat. Fiona sleeps a lot more than me 9) I can be possessive of people- I don't like when MY humans give Fiona attention. 10) I love my new sister - she's a great playmate and napping companion️ I know a lot of you have done this tag so I tag anyone that hasn't done it yet or anyone who wants to tell us more facts!
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Rosie Valentine
Rosie Valentine- 2 year old tuxedo & Fiona Skye - 1 year old gray tabby

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