@cats930 : We were tagged by @simbawe__oop to do the #myfavoritemeowthings ! Fiona will list her favorite things️We tag @val3bss @ginocrespi @xomoonie and any of our other kitty furriends to do this tag if they want!Fiona's favorite things:1) Favorite movie: I prefer watching the humans or looking outside to watching tv2) Favorite song: anything quiet that allows me to doze peacefully 3)Favorite food: Whiskas temptations, salmon flavor- I could eat a whole bag if the humans let me4)Favorite spot to sleep: In our chair or on the perch 5) Favorite toy: Catnip mice! Thanks to @simbawe__oop for starting this tag and tagging us#cats #catstagram #instacat #catlover #ilovemycat #kitty #catsofinstagram #instacat #meow
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Rosie Valentine
Rosie Valentine- 2 year old tuxedo & Fiona Skye - 1 year old gray tabby

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