@lupitanyongo : As our #EclipsedPlay journey begins this week, we are met at the start with this phenomenon! @publictheaterny #queseráserá #Repost @amnh with @repostapp ・・・ Tonight, September 27, we’re due for a triple header—the Harvest Moon will also be a “Super Moon,” about as big as any Full Moon can ever appear. And, the super-sized lunar disk will be totally eclipsed during convenient evening hours for viewers in eastern states and Canada, and at times during the night across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and western Asia. The partial umbral phase, when we clearly see a “bite” gradually disappearing from the lunar disk, begins at 9:07 pm Eastern Time, and will conclude soon at 12:27 am ET. #LunarEclipse #Eclipse #FullMoon #SuperMoon #HarvestMoon #BloodMoon #Moon
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