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Hi! Follow us to be part of my adventure and witness the loving bond between me and little bunny Totoro

Shiro has a job to do carrying water supplies while we hike #greatoceanroad #dogdayout #alaskanmalamute Instagram @shiromalamute 204

Finally here... #dogdayout #greatoceanroad #alaskanmalamute #dogcamping Instagram @shiromalamute 70

Are we there yet? #alaskanmalamute #dogdayout #roadtrip #malamute Instagram @shiromalamute 208

Found a comfy spot to rest.. Instagram @shiromalamute 92

Happy Monday everyone! Instagram @shiromalamute 87

Shiro knows not to enter the bedroom so he waits just by the door. Usually with a toy or to next to him.. #alaskanmalamute #malamute #shiromalamute Instagram @shiromalamute 226

Time for an ice cream treat! #alaskanmalamute #malamute #shiromalamute #whitemalamute Instagram @shiromalamute 150

Video. Silly Shiro carefully crossing the river.. trying so hard not to get wet! Haha.. Instagram @shiromalamute 246

Good sunny afternoon everyone Instagram @shiromalamute 140

Good to have shiro around carrying our supplies on hikes. Instagram @shiromalamute 249

Video. Totoro enjoying her veggies :) Instagram @shiromalamute 172

Shiro is an excited supporter of The Droppi. We have purchased 4 to be placed in different areas of the house. Please check out the kickstarter page to learn more about how this toy can keep your pet entertained while you are out! Your support would be greatly appreciated in getting this product out to market. Thank you! Instagram @shiromalamute 52

Just back from a nighttime cycle Instagram @shiromalamute 50

Shiro sleeps with his toy close.. good night.. #alaskanmalamute #whitealaskanmalamute #malamutenothusky #shiromalamute Instagram @shiromalamute 153

Good morning everyone :) Instagram @shiromalamute 167

Snow play! Shiro having a rest by our snowman after a run Instagram @shiromalamute 55

Shiro enjoying a pat during a wet and cold day out in the park Instagram @shiromalamute 203

Sorry boy! Shiro a little upset with me cos its late and I haven't fed him his dinner Instagram @shiromalamute 247

Shiro trying to get me tugging on his keys... #whitealaskanmalamute #alaskanmalamute #malamutenothusky #malamute Instagram @shiromalamute 259

Shiro waiting patiently as his dinner was getting prepared. Instagram @shiromalamute 194

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