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Hello! My name is Sasha. I'm a smart little cat full of love. My account is run by my bestie, Liv; follow her @livshairisgood

Happy 1st Birthday to me!!! Instagram @sasha.feeny 5

My FIRST birthday next Thursday!! Can't wait!! #littlecat #cat #cute #birthday #sashapants #livisawesome Instagram @sasha.feeny 7

Paws up! Instagram @sasha.feeny 3

This year's Christmas cat in Feenys household. Merry Christmas! Instagram @sasha.feeny 2

Happy 1st Bday to my older brother, George, the other day! Meow Instagram @sasha.feeny 5

This is my frenemy Chester. Instagram @sasha.feeny 2

Playing on top of the garden swing-seat Instagram @sasha.feeny 2

Got my tail jammed in the door last night by maya #sore Instagram @sasha.feeny 5

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