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Prawns make my heart sing & I love cheap twine. Female burmilla in Sydney.

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To conquer @lovemaestudio's dinosaur, hungry bear, and other wildly cute critters - to the cushion 😴😴 Instagram @missmiffycat 14

Apparently, pine on the belly Instagram @missmiffycat 20

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Sometimes I wish I was taller. Instagram @missmiffycat 3

House guest. Instagram @missmiffycat 23

Now the festivities are over I'm doing this for as long as possible. Instagram @missmiffycat 10

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Just smells SOO good #jasmine Instagram @missmiffycat 29

Just smells SOO good #jasmine Instagram @missmiffycat 29

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Instagram @missmiffycat 31

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Cats and kids things Instagram @missmiffycat 29

Stair lurking. Instagram @missmiffycat 15

Searching for a sunny patch Instagram @missmiffycat 21

Flannel flowers @utopiagoods. Instagram @missmiffycat 17

Making an appearance over on @fromageiscool's flipagram. #thisisascreengrab #petitelights #fromagelarue #burmilla #catsofinstagram #vctstyling Instagram @missmiffycat 40

Exploring tunnels of the Established & Sons Pinch chair. C'mon! #catsofinstagram #designcat #catsconnect #catspam #catsyeah #burmilla Instagram @missmiffycat 19

twine #brownpaperpackages Instagram @missmiffycat 33

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