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Maccha Cat

Short tail, don't care! I'm a lady cat that sits like a boss. Snapchat macchaface

So you're telling me...there are leashes for small humans? Instagram @macchacat 1,773

Imaginary mechanic creeper is imaginary useful. #youpickingupwhatimputtingdown? Instagram @macchacat 1,498

Made it to hump day! Caturday couldn't come sooner this week. Need. cuddles. with. Ma. @jlurves Instagram @macchacat 17

Pretty sure you don't want to try me at Twister. Instagram @macchacat 1,983

Now, this is my kind of exercise - #machercise. AND I didn't even have to leave home for my new toy! Thanks @instacart and @petco for the special delivery. # Friends, use code macchalovespetco for $5 off + free delivery, if you're a new customer. ******************************************* Enter code at checkout on or via the Instacart app. #petco #instacart #sponsored #friends Instagram @macchacat 879

Straight babe-ing on a Monday. Instagram @macchacat 687

Super self-sufficient chin rest. #caturday Instagram @macchacat 2,926

Say no to pizza, ladies. Or else... #macchathehutt Instagram @macchacat 2,160

Can't let humans have all the fun! Hey @pudgethecat! Hey girl #myidolapp #sowrongitsright Instagram @macchacat 871

See, sometimes I can sit like a lady. Carson, fetch me some tea and crumpets. #downtonabbey Instagram @macchacat 364

They caught me cuddling with my clone. #lovethyself Instagram @macchacat 1,266

Kitty, please. #datpawsaysitall Instagram @macchacat 1,711 dream...💭 Instagram @macchacat 2,532

Staycation! #boxlife Instagram @macchacat 1,921

Festival ready! #coachella Instagram @macchacat 2,091

Begging for bacon. #notjustadogthing Instagram @macchacat 2,186

Everyone has that one cheek squeezing aunt...I imagine this is how it feels. Instagram @macchacat 1,807

Contrary to popular belief, IIII do my best thinking in the tub. Instagram @macchacat 1,790

Still pondering the age old question of which came first, the chicken-cat or the egg... Instagram @macchacat 1,162

Coachella got me like...️😛 Instagram @macchacat 1,753

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