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My name is Spencer. I'm 3 and my family adopted me from the Hawaiian Humane Society. Hawai'i ️ SoCal #adoptdontshop

Neighbor kid loves me Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 636

I have a new friend, her name is Bailey Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 192

Hi friends, I love you! Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 342

Thank you for my jersey! @catsofinstagram I love you! Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 211

From Hawaii to the snow, brrrrr! #bigbear Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 386

@white_coffee_cat_ did you bring our speedos? 🏻 Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 136

I hope you had a perfect day-- you deserve! Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 120

Pillow fight in 3...2...1! @white_coffee_cat_ Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 518

Is he still watching me? @white_coffee_cat_ Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 296

Thank you for visiting us today! @iamthegreatwent Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 340

He wants to cuddle @white_coffee_cat_ Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 238

Tomorrow is spa day, finally! Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 319

Is she still looking at me? Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 639

Hello Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 320

Thinking about geckos and my best friend in Hawaii @roscoe_fitness I miss you Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 498

Ready for my day 🤗@truthorange Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 367

She took me to Petco 🤗 @nala_cat Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 257

I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day! Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 501

Your life is a gift to the world-- have a good one, friends! Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 423

Dapper dude 😎 Instagram @hello_spencer_dog 336

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