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Cha the Chihuahua

I am a six year old Chihuahua named Cha Cha. I'm suspicious of everyone except mommy. I enjoy dirty socks and hiding under the covers!

Mom took me to get my nails cut!! I'm going to look so good! ------- #chathechihuahua #roadtrip Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 138

Finally giving dad the attention he's been wanting! I guess he's not so bad after all... ------- #chathechihuahua #dog #love Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 100

The battle continues!! Dad's out of town, so I make sure I wrestle with my sister as much as possible! ------- #chathechihuahua #lunathecat #battleroyale Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 67

My sister might be bigger than I am, but I can hold my own!! ------- #chathechihuahua #lunathecat #battleroyale Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 116

I'm a tiny animal, with a tiny little face!! ------- #chathechihuahua Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 296

I FINALLY got the belly rub I was after!! It was everything I dreamed it would be... ------- #chathechihuahua Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 155

I sleep better than any human ------- #chathechihuahua Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 186

I love to be held!! But only by mom... ------- #chathechihuahua Instagram @cha_the_chihuahua 189

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