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I love laces, other peoples food & dads record playing thingy. I also go by Princess Fluff Puff, DJ Fluff Puffz & Baby Jean (I also love jeans).

Bit late. Dad found this old pic of me with my bestest books. #worldbookday Instagram @blossomloveslaces 331

Squishy cushion face. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 346

Flirting for food. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 359

Feeling smug 'cause I got all the room in bed! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 339

#caturday selfie with dad. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 310

Cat watch! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 303

Garden watch! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 334

It's Friday!! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 382

Thanks @lou_knew for catching me asleep!! I do do other stuff...promise. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 366

Noooooooooooo it can't be Monday tomorrow!! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 349

Really want a painting of me like this by #tokuhirokawai Instagram @blossomloveslaces 393

Ok ok. What yous want?! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 272

Not lookings. In a grump. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 241

What yous up to dad?! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 218

I'm a seal pup!! Instagram @blossomloveslaces 70

Dad creepin'. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 282

Cuddle chums. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 209

Love cuddles but find the 'Returned' too creepy to watch. Plus it's in French. And to quote Girls Aloud "I don't speak French". Instagram @blossomloveslaces 201

Sleepy wonky face. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 253

Dad?! Someone's watching me. I can feels it. Instagram @blossomloveslaces 176

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