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Play with me,mommy... Instagram @ashchild 115

Nap time with Teddy Instagram @ashchild 116

Candy Nana Instagram @ashchild 85

Looks like Instagram @ashchild 168

Every day comes to Nana's mind is all about food & food. Instagram @ashchild 109

Full of camera lol 😎 😎 Instagram @ashchild 114

Having some deserts,mommy... Instagram @ashchild 88

Dont ask me out,mommy... All I wanna do is stay in the tub with Piggy Instagram @ashchild 47

Morning my darling,Nana. Instagram @ashchild 80

Two piggies in the baby tub Instagram @ashchild 106

Morning,mommy!!! Instagram @ashchild 75

Daddy bought a new house for you guys. Happy holiday with daddy.... 😛 Instagram @ashchild 16

Wake up my babies Instagram @ashchild 26

Food,food, food, mommy.... Nana needs more food. Instagram @ashchild 113

Where's food,mommy?? Instagram @ashchild 94

Shaving with Brown today.. Look at Brown behind me, He's not that cool as well.. But, I really enjoyed it today. Instagram @ashchild 123

Why rains cats n dogs,mommy?! Where r you taking me to,mommy?! Instagram @ashchild 111

Good nite, mommy. Instagram @ashchild 56

Good nite my friends (= 😎 Instagram @ashchild 88

who r you?!!!!! Why you here......? Instagram @ashchild 77

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