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Singer, actor, architect

Bedtime structures class with Dad Instagram ดารา @yarinda 794

I'm lightning fast!! Instagram ดารา @yarinda 797

Exploration in Lumphini park Instagram ดารา @yarinda 1,041

Instagram ดารา @yarinda 1,557

Harry Potter's first encounter with crayons Instagram ดารา @yarinda 891

อยู่ในนี้สบายสุด Instagram ดารา @yarinda 975

Go Horse, go! Instagram ดารา @yarinda 1,358

:) Instagram ดารา @yarinda 1,760

หน้าตาไว้ใจได้ A trustworthy face :) Instagram ดารา @yarinda 967

ดีใจจังที่ได้เจอ :) @noonnachiangmai Instagram ดารา @yarinda 665

Early birthday gift from grandparents :) Instagram ดารา @yarinda 617

วันนี้ไทรมาทำบุญไหว้พระครับ :) Instagram ดารา @yarinda 784

"สถา" ร่วมสร้าง...สรรสร้าง "สถา" We are building something big. Stay tuned! Satha (สถา) is a design, research and fabrication community with the aim of soon becoming a research programme and steering up theoretical discussion and practical experimentation in the built environment across Southeast Asia. Satha is envisioned in 2015 with the aim of providing Bangkok with a space for large scale experimentation. It includes an advanced fabrication laboratory equipped with state of the art machinery that supports innovation in design, construction and manufacturing. Satha is a vast space for innovation and gathering, where events and performances take place amongst the production of large models and prototypes and surrounded by three levels of workspace. Our public program will promote local and international members equally as well as welcome guests for lectures, workshops or residencies, building a truly international place. Satha is a platform for students, architects, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, craftsmen, builders and makers to work together towards new models of cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange in order to move forward, together. Instagram ดารา @yarinda 200

ขอพักงานมาเติมพลังนิดนึง #CliniqueSmart #CliniqueSmartTH @cliniquethailand #ComOnePR Instagram ดารา @yarinda 737

And after... Instagram ดารา @yarinda 794

Making pesto: before Instagram ดารา @yarinda 721

Interview on #แฉแต่เช้า in an hour! Instagram ดารา @yarinda 487

Family brunch: best way to spend a Sunday :) Instagram ดารา @yarinda 1,277

Double espresso for me, please. Instagram ดารา @yarinda 835

Giant naan!!! Instagram ดารา @yarinda 627

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