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Nicky Jam's first film ever and man was he a natural. We are lucky to have him in Our production of xXx3... Happy Birthday mi Gente! Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 43,879

Someday you will build your kingdom... But for today, we celebrate your first sand castle. Haha. All love. Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 3,277

Loving the return... Xander... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 3,647

Pa mi Gente... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 28,004

Happy Creative... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 14,466

You all know how deep I go into character... Which is why I appreciate all the prayers. The director sent me one frame from an action sequence this week. Wow. I will post the image shortly on my Facebook page. Blessed. Welcome to the Xander Zone! Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 46,232

As they say in action sports... You gotta hit it 'til you get it! Haha. Each of the action sequences takes its own training, but it's all fun. Xander Zone!!! Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 2,534

Happy V day... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 32,711

Xander returns.... As most of you know I like to stay in character for the most part when given the opportunity to make magic. However, it was Toretto Tuesday and the studio gave me big news to share... Song will share it... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 1,559

Happy Toretto Tuesday... P.s. The studio has asked me to release some very big Fast news... Give me a minute though, for I am still in that Xander state of Mind. Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 774

Night training can be a little... Haha. Welcome to the Xander Zone. Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 10,553

Xander zone... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 15,808

Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 14,555

Xander state of mind... Let the fun begin... Haha. Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 20,141

Last Night was Surreal. The worlds favorite film... I can never thank you enough... I tried to hold it together, but when I saw the two awards... I went back in memory to the first award Fast won in 2002. I had just completed the first xXx and MTV and the early FF fans gave best duo to Pablo and I, for our work, the brotherhood we portrayed in the first Fast and Furious... Thanks for the love. We make them with Our hearts. Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 3,736

#happytorettotuesday Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 18,247

Sharing some concept art before heading to my meeting. So excited to start filming xXx, it's been a while since we've entered the Xander Zone... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 10,173

Have a happy Toretto Tuesday all! Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 6,558

Fast Family Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 31,721

Humbled... Instagram ดารา @vindiesel 18

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